Koozies Gift for Nick and Erika

Nick and Erika's koozies

Nick and Erika’s koozies

My friends Nick and Erika and getting married so i got them custom koozies as gifts. Congratulations to you both! , I was happy to finally see that the personalized koozies are here this week from ExpressImprint . Now I  can give it to them when the are here this weekend. While shopping  the many options for wedding souvenirs, I realized most of them are too common and too basic for me already. In other words, I have seen them being used by some of my friends and other people’s weddings.
I wanted something different than figurines, etc. and prefer something simple but unique. With this, koozies proved to be the unique gift I have been looking for because they are something that other people never tried before for their weddings.
Nick and Erika Love beer and use koozies so it was a perfect gift for them. Koozies are used to keep your drinks cold whether it is a bottled drink or a canned drink. This can be used by the guests at home and at the same time be reminded of the fun and the good memories they experienced during the wedding day.

The hard part was choosing the color of the koozies since they come in many different colors that you can complement with the wedding theme, ended up going with camo since they both love camo.
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The Best Christmas Gifts For A Girlfriend This Year

For your girlfriend, it is very important that you impress her with a nice Christmas gift that will show her that you really care about her. Aside from giving her the traditional gifts, why not give her something that she will benefit from it throughout the Christmas season? Below are the best new gifts to give this season especially to your girlfriend. Continue reading this post if you’re interested.


A snow day survival kit is for those days when you can be snowed in. When snow days hit, it makes it hard to go outside for any reason. You can make a kit by that includes a warm bath robe, warm pajamas, fuzzy and cozy slippers, gels for warm bath, and bath salts. You can also include hot cocoa with marshmallows for her to heat up and drink. Then, put in a small mug of her favorite color for the hot cocoa. You can also include DVDs of her favorite movies or video game CDs. And lastly, include some sweets and bakery items for her to dig into when she gets bored.


You can also make your girlfriend an audio CD with your favorite songs together with her favorite songs. You can then decorate a CD label and apply it to the CD. To make it extra special, write the songs yourself and then draw a design on the CD’s front cover or you can make one on a computer and then print it out. Compiling a custom CD and designing a CD case is a gift that will show your girlfriend that you really care about her. She’ll surely appreciate all the effort you exerted in making a custom CD of her favorite music.


Give your girlfriend a warm scarf, gloves or mittens and other warm clothing. This will make her feel warm during cold Christmas days. This will also make her look cute at the same time, especially if the colors of the clothes are of her favorite colors.


Scents that will remind your girlfriend of Christmas will make her feel warm and relaxed. You can give her a variety of Christmas scents like the scent of Christmas trees and sugar cookies. You can also give her lotions that will soothe and protect her skin from the cold weather. If you want your girlfriend even happier, find Christmas scents like gum drop or peppermint.

These are just few of the best new gifts that you can give your girlfriend this Christmas season. They may not be as expensive as other traditional gifts but this will make her feel how special and loved she is.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Loved One

Is there an important occasion coming up that require you to shop for a gift for your loved one? Whether it’s Christmas, your anniversary, a birthday or Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure that you give the best present that you can possibly give. And if you are still wondering what the best gift there is, check out these helpful tips:

The gift of wellness

personalized-giftPossibly the best gift of all is a gift that spells the importance of wellness. This is a sincere and thoughtful gift especially for couples who have been together for quite some time. Gifts that are all about wellness could be in the form of natural treatments like natural vitamin supplements, aromatherapy oils or candles, herbal teas, natural personal care items or how about books about exercise, healthy recipes or a healthy magazine subscription? You may also make the gift more memorable by adding a card that says both of you should try the gift so you two could stay healthier forever.

The recipient’s personal interests or hobbies

If the one you love has a special hobby or interest that he or she just can’t live without then this could be a great clue. You can base your gift according to his interest like accessories for his camera if he is into photography, a cookbook if she loves to cook or a novel that she has been dying to read. If they love beer you can always get them custom koozies which they can always use. Koozies are also great for college kids

The sparkle of jewelry

Ladies love any jewelry piece especially when it symbolizes something like an earring with her birthstone or a necklace with a pendant with the first letter of her name. Men on the other hand may also love jewelry but you need to find out exactly what he likes in a piece. For example if he likes tribal jewelry pieces or he likes watches instead. It’s sometimes hard to buy jewelry for someone so if this is what she wants get straight to the point and bring her to the nearest jeweler.

Gift certificates anyone?

The easiest way to deal with gift-giving issues is to give a gift certificate instead. But make sure that the amount you give will be enough to purchase a suitable present. Gift certificates may be brought online or directly from a department store or shop that your loved one likes to shop. Gift certificates are also perfect when you just don’t’ want to commit costly gift-giving mistakes.

Whether you choose jewelry, koozies or gift certificates just remember to give something you know they will love!