Having An OfficeParty? Consider These Top Items to Give Away

Are you having a party soon? Are you thinking of the ideal party souvenir or party give-away that you would like to give to your guests and members? If you are, then you will be glad to know that there are so many impressive and budget-friendly items that you can give away at the end of your event. Here are some great ideas you may consider:

  1. Koozies – koozies or beer huggers, beer sleeves or simply a koozie, is a sleeve that is meant to hold beverages. It was once called a beer sleeve since the original koozie was designed to hold standard beer cans and beer bottles to keep them ice cold. A koozie would be a perfect party gift or souvenir simply because it is fun and is a practical item for any beer-drinker or party goer. You may place your company logo, slogan or company information on the outer portion of a koozie which is also a great marketing strategy for business owners.
  2. Stadium cups – stadium cups are cups where you place your beverage as you watch a live game. It is a tall glass usually made of high quality plastic that also has a cover with a special slot where you can drink or place a straw even when the glass is covered. Stadium cups are versatile, just like koozies; you may also place your company name, logo and contact information on the outer portion of the cup. The cup may also be of different colors to represent your business, company or organization.
  3. Umbrellas – another great item for a souvenir is an umbrella. Everyone needs an umbrella and since umbrellas may come in different colors and designs, it is a suitable party planning give –away. Like cups and koozies, you may also print the name of your company on the outer portion of an umbrella or choose an umbrella color that matches your business.Umbrell
  4. Planners and pens – if you are hosting a conference or an event then a planner and a pen would do well as your party or event souvenir. Guests may use it to take down notes or may keep it as a remembrance for the event. Planners are also versatile since you may choose to give away planner colors according to your company and place your company or business logo in front or on the spine of the notebook. With a matching pen, your gift would be complete.


Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geeky Guy or Gal

Picking a Christmas gift is so tricky. The more concerning thing would be the reaction of the receiver towards receiving the gift. So for years, you might find yourself in the brim. Good thing if you have the knowledge of the interests of the ones you will send your gifts to.

To cut your stress in picking the right gifts, here are some of the ideas that you can make use of for your geek friends.

Geeks are way too different from nerds. Geeks have some interests that they are focusing on like the interest in books and computers. This alone will give you an idea to find Christmas gifts that are within their field of interests. If they are computer geeks, you may find it a good pick to choose computer games and gadgets as gifts.

Supplies might also come to be great Christmas gifts. Determine that specific interest out of your friends and find supplies to support the geek in him or her.

A memorabilia is also a good pick. There is nothing as rewarding as receiving a symbol of someone’s interests. A shirt, a mug or anything that is connected to the interests of a person can be a good pick for a Christmas gift.
Custom koozies can also make a great personalized gift that every geeky guy or guy will love and it will be a one of a kind.

Picking a gift may just be that difficult but not until you have the knowledge of the interests of the person. Knowing someone’s interests is the first step towards achieving success. You should also put yourself inside your friends’ shoes. Think about the gift that you will also feel happy to receive. This way, you will get an idea of the things to pick. The gift should not necessarily be expensive, what matters most are the thought that it comes with.

Christmas is fast approaching and before you knew it, you might come rushing in stores for gifts. This quick list is a jumpstart towards achieving success in the deal.

Koozies Gift for Nick and Erika

Nick and Erika's koozies

Nick and Erika’s koozies

My friends Nick and Erika and getting married so i got them custom koozies as gifts. Congratulations to you both! , I was happy to finally see that the personalized koozies are here this week from ExpressImprint . Now I  can give it to them when the are here this weekend. While shopping  the many options for wedding souvenirs, I realized most of them are too common and too basic for me already. In other words, I have seen them being used by some of my friends and other people’s weddings.
I wanted something different than figurines, etc. and prefer something simple but unique. With this, koozies proved to be the unique gift I have been looking for because they are something that other people never tried before for their weddings.
Nick and Erika Love beer and use koozies so it was a perfect gift for them. Koozies are used to keep your drinks cold whether it is a bottled drink or a canned drink. This can be used by the guests at home and at the same time be reminded of the fun and the good memories they experienced during the wedding day.

The hard part was choosing the color of the koozies since they come in many different colors that you can complement with the wedding theme, ended up going with camo since they both love camo.
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